The Green Letterbox

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Olive,

I learnt my lesson yesterday, so this morning, we headed out early. The lesson being: it is much easier to stuff letterboxes when they haven't already been stuffed by someone else. By the time we headed out late yesterday afternoon, the regular mail plus many, many pizza menus, friendly reliable plumbers fridge magnets, real estate agents guaranteeing success flyers and Church of Scientology Clear Body Clear Mind information leaflets had already been jammed into each box. Really, really jammed. So jammed, it was hard to get my flyers into some of them at all! And because it was a Greens flyer, I couldn't just leave it hanging half in, half out and walk away not knowing if it would later be found blowing around the streets. Don't get me started on the impossible shape, concealed openings and camouflaged locations of some of these letterboxes too. Suffice say I have a new found respect for the Postie.

PS The Greens are looking for people to hand out how to vote cards at polling booths on election day - did you know that around 10-15% of people don't know who they're going to vote for when they walk in? The Greens are hoping to gain the balance of power in the Senate (this will be absolutely CRUCIAL if Tony Abbott is our next PM), so if you're willing to help out, go to

PPS Before we set off, Shane warned us to beware of dogs. Seriously!



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