First Saturday of the Month

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dear Olive,

We went to Surry Hills Markets today, my favourite Sydney markets. They're only held once a month so it's a big event and I always find things I want to buy. I met up with a friend in town from Melbourne so didn't get much of a chance to look around for myself (damn) but Shane found a lady who'd just returned from Mexico with a backpack full of goodies and bought you the most adorable embroidered mexican shirt. The picture doesn't show how teeny tiny it is - you're going to look so cute in it this summer. (Coincidentally, I happen to have one just like it - look out if we ever find any mother-daughter fashion parades to enter!)

Unfortunately, I'm now experiencing that feared and all-too-common, post-market emotion. Market Purchase Regret. Why didn't I buy these book-ends? How am I going to be able to sleep wondering if they're still going to be there next markets??

Note: Market Purchase Regret is not to be confused with the different emotion of the same, which refers to the purchase of, for example, an item of clothing which you have tried on over the top of what you were wearing and looked at in a half-size mirror held at a flattering angle only to discover, upon returning home and excitedly trying on said item, that said item is extremely unflattering (which is possibly why is was for sale in the first place!!). Said item is then put in the section of closet with other Market Purchase Regret items, to be sold at your own market stall to an unsuspecting buyer.



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