Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Olive,

I think we're suffering from a bit of the post party poops. You've been sleeping terribly so we're all tired, added to that your poor Dadda's been working night and day on a commercial. Lucky we've had a gazillion amazing presents to open and keep us entertained. I can't believe how generous people are. And how awesome the presents they gave us (ok, you) are. Things to wear, things to play with, things to make music, things to read. I'll show you some of the presents this week.

I've been completely captivated by this tiny little tin carousel. (Thanks Uncle Hayes and Aunty Sare!)


Jgee said...

I've just started following your lovely blog, such sweet letters to your little lady. Sounds like she had a fab first birthday. That carousel is just beautiful.

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

Oh, I love that carousel ! Wauw.

Nell said...

Oh my, that's so adorable. How awesome to have lots of presents to open! xx

The Franglaise said...

what a lovely toy. I'm sure you like it more than Olive does, hee hee. Some of these kiddies toys are so clearly made for us parents! :)


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