Blue Sky

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Olive,
I'm losing sleep over what to do about work. The nanny I found pulled out. And when I say pulled out, I mean failed to turn up and didn't return my calls. Never to be heard from again. It's shaken me around because I realised how vulnerable we are - this was someone I handpicked to put my greatest trust into. It's been a bit of a stressful scramble to find friends and family to look after you for my few days work this week and next and I never wanted for you to be shuffled around from person to person. The whole idea of the nanny was to give you stability. My new nanny ad has been sitting as a draft for a week and I've gotta say I'm kind of wondering if I should rethink the whole work thing for now. 
At least the rains stopped. You can see the lovely blue sky in my tea. But like any good housewife, I'm mostly just pleased about my washing drying.


zigsma said...

Oh no, that's terrible. People huh? Hang in there. My advice is (if you can) to take a day of from worrying and come to it after that with a clearer mind. Good luck. Don't worry - Olive knows she's loved.

Anonymous said...

That is pants, dude! She probably got a better offer and just isn't hasn't got the guts to let you know. Or Uni is too full on this month. Or something. Pants.

Have you thought of a mummy-nanny? My friend had a hard time retaining a reliable nanny so she went to an agency and they suggested employing a Mum with a children of similar ages. She has been a godsend. Reliable, nice, affable and best of all - not as expensive. I think my friend has gone from paying $25/hour for a uni student who was lax in attendance to $10/hour for an ace mummy-nanny. Just a thought.

Mia said...

I agree with with the above comment. Someone who has children already is aware how they would like their own cared for with another. The idea of my kids with a uni student freaks me out (or is that just saying something about the kind of uni student I was?? - at least we didn't have all that technology distracting us in the olden days... :) ).


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