Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Olive,
It's fr-fr-fr-freezing here today and I can't get warm in our chilly little flat. I'm having to administer hot chocolate and tea purely as an anti-hypothermia remedy. I think I grossly underestimated the delightfulness of a week spent indoors with you. It would have been relaxing if it were just me! But I forgot about the wildly unstoppable you. Was reminded of it the hard way with this mornings painting session. Conducted indoors. I can now, with confidence, assure you that indoor painting is not recommended for the under 18's. Luckily most of it came off, and I'm sorry for getting cross after you walked on the paint and stomped it everywhere. The paint on the fridge and the walls, however, is a different matter entirely. You know it only goes on the paper! Anyway, I know now. Painting is exclusively an outdoor activity. Listening to the new Belles Will Ring album, very befitting for this wintery, bordering-on-melancholic day.


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

what a lucky little Olive you have.

xo em

oscarlucinda said...

I love the 'wildly unstoppable' term - gold! Enjoy the rest of your special week together...will look forward to hearing about your adventures. x
PS. Your scarf is pretty ace btw...and it tied in well with the colours of the previous pics - so not a random inclusion at all (in my books) :)

Rachael @Mogantosh said...

Watercolours Kellie - the key to indoor painting. Or you can also mix a tiny bit of food colouring into some yogurt - Ivy used to love this at Olives age. My other fave trick is painting in the empty bath - crazy messy - which is the fun part - but all contained in one space, and you can just turn on the taps at the end and clean everything up at once including child. Happy wintering. xx

k said...

ha! i love the painting trials and tribulations :)


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