Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Olive,
Our weekend was a very lovely, well-paced affair. Kind of mirroring life in general at the moment, where it feels like everything is just chugging along steadily. I'm getting lots of work, but getting lots of time with you too. Our car's broken down, but our friends loaned us theirs. The power was out, but then it came back on. There's nothing fancy happening, but nothing dislikable either. I must be Even Steven! It's a good feeling.
1. Shoulder rides to the pub.
2. Running with balloons.
3. Best jumper ever?
4. Flowers at the market. We came home with the purple bobbly ones. (Chosen by you, our resident purple freak.)
5. You always take about 20 books to bed, and I hear you turning pages before you fall asleep. Regrettably, day sleeps are on their way to becoming an every other day occurrence. Crap! Although on the plus side, it does mean you're in bed around 7.30, which is bliss compared to the usual 8.30/9. (See? Even Steven.)
6. New slippers to keep little tootsies toasty. (Thanks Kate!)


Jess @ Caffeine and Tutus said...

She looks so gorgeous asleep with her book! xx

Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...

Her? Asleep with that book?


I adore this :)

Astred*designcherry said...

Love love love those slippers! Is there a knitting pattern available?
Olive asleep with books, so beautiful, it melts my heart.

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Shoulder rides to the pub?!? Awesome.

one claire day said...

My shoulder rides are usually on the way home from the pub... and more often just thrown over one shoulder like a sack of flour ;)

Gorgeous fashions in this post, Kel. The dress, jumper, slippers - divine!

Glad you've got a good steady rhythm happeneing. Yay for a balance of work and Olive! xx

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

ahahah laughing at Claires comment above.

Olive and the books, totally adorable.

xo em

Sarah Humphreys said...

What a sweet post, this made me smile.

CASPER said...

We are very Even Steven around here lately too. Maybe it's the change of season. We are coming into Spring over this side, like bears from a loooong slumber. Even Steven Season.

jody said...

Love Olive and her books, adorable! x

Unknown said...

Oh lovely pics- such dear little outfits- must get some more cuteness for my bubba, Jxx

Unknown said...

Hi Kellie, were the markets at Entertainment Quarters ?because I took a picture wiht the same purple flowers there.

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Olive - when you're bigger you'll be taking those shoulder rides home from the pub instead! Possibly with balloons. The dress and the jumper are amazing. And the shoes!!

Little bookworm. xx

alicia said...

just stumbled upon your blog...so beautiful and endearing.love.

mama bear said...

Hi fives for Even Stevens! I'll take steady over fancy any day. Love the book photo. xxx

PS. Definitely the best jumper ever made. And slippers. Maybe the best slippers ever made too.

ashley said...

Dear Olive,
X ashley

susana said...

Hi, the pictures are beautiful!!!

Col | Hello Olive Designs said...

The picture of Olive asleep with her book is so cute! x

Madeleine said...

yep best jumper ever.
best shoulder ride and flowers and shoes too.
And BEST sleeping book girl.

I like Even Steven a lot. He's a great guy xx

Kate said...

Do you know what those "bobbly" flowers are called? I've been looking for the yellow bobbly ones forever! haha x

i can't wait til it's market season again for us over here in the states!


kelly said...

man i love that jumper ...I'd love it for my daughter Clover


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