Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dear Olive,
There's so very much to catch up on. And seeing as I can barely remember what I did last weekend, let alone last year, I'll let these photos do the talking.

CC learnt to crawl. (Although that would have been back in November? He was only six months old. This past week he's been taking a few steps!) 

Apropos the crawling, his knees got a lot dirtier.

You "graduated" preschool. It was pretty emotional - for both of us. (CC learnt to clap just in time, each time about two minutes after everyone else had stopped.)

We put a Christmas tree up - our first ever. It was so exciting for you - you were at bursting point for days. The day after we put it up, you and Shane and I were in the bedroom and heard the sound of hundreds of baubles bouncing and smashing, and the sound of crying ... we ran out to find CC stuck in a tangled mess of branches, ornaments and christmas lights. He'd pulled the entire tree down on top of himself. It was a Christmas disaster scene! He was fine, although he got such a fright he learnt his lesson and didn't do it again. Plus, Shane got to dress the tree again and it looked better the second time round, so really the whole thing worked out for everyone.

We travelled up to my Dads for Christmas with my family. It was the first Christmas that you've been really and truly into it - you could barely get to sleep on christmas eve and then you were up before the crack of dawn on christmas morning to see if Santa had been. He had!

Papa, and all his Grandkids.

Our first Christmas as a family of four. The kids just love it when we get our photo taken and Mum and Dad kiss.

I would love to be able to include photos from a super fun getaway with a bunch of mates over New Years, but both Shane and I got sick and we had to stay on at my Dads for an extra week. It was the most miserable way to welcome in a new year; with matching fevers. (And I most sincerely hope it is not at all indicative of our year to come.)

And that's about it, I think .... hopefully that brings us back to regular programming from now on, folks!


Nell said...

Gorgeous! Especially the picture of you four, and of your dad with his grandchildren. So special xxx

Iliska Dreams said...

Gorgeous images. But my favourite has to be of the four of you. Olive's frown is priceless.

Alex Sunday said...

haha! the expression on olive's face in the kissing shot is priceless!
happy 2015. :) xo


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