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Monday, May 11, 2015

Dear Olive,
My three people, their excellent gift to me (thanks Shane!), the crisp sunny weather, plenty of great food, and a visit to an iconic Sydney house. (How divine is that Australian bush setting?) It all came together for a wonderfully memorable (and surprisingly harmonious) mothers day - my guys made me feel genuinely special, and very loved. 
It would have been perfect; if only my Mum were here to share it, too. Motherhood really is my greatest privilege, and I've missed my Mum every step of the way.
(Have a read of Missing Mum on Mothers Day - a bit heart wrenching, if you've lost your Mum too.)


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry that your Mother's Day is bittersweet. I do know that your children are very lucky to have you building beautiful memories for them.

Rachael @Mogantosh said...

Rose Seidler House? I'm with Lila - what a gift you are to your two. Sorry about your mum though. xxx

Anastasia O'Rourke & Kostis Drakonakis said...

I miss Rose too: she was the bomb. Thanks for the post Kel and keep up the good work!

Iliska Dreams said...

My Mum is still here. But has never been what I consider a Mum. I left home at 14 after she broke my nose for the second time. No contact for years and years. Now only minimal contact as sister keeps trying to bring us together (she on ever hit me and not my two sisters). On boxing day she made me cry so hard. So on Mother's Day I mourned the mother I never had. I also mourn for her, what made her into this women. As a mother and parent I feel grief for her.


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