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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dear Olive,
Clancy came down with his first cold last week. It was, of course, inevitable. But what was surprising was that I'd forgotten just how miserable a baby can get when they're sick. He was clingy and generally wretched, which was terribly sad (and terribly exhausting). I tried him on a new to us brand of kids herbal range (KiwiHerb for those interested) and upped his daily dose of cod liver oil. (The naturopath in the health food store laughed when I told her that Clancy drops whatever he's doing and comes pelting into the kitchen whenever I call out "who wants cod liver oil!".) I gave him my bone broth, which he loves having straight up in a cup. And I'm always happy to breastfeed him as much as he wants. One of the most brilliant things about breastmilk is being able to have a little control over what goes in it - because what goes in me, goes in him, so I make sure I'm having lots of things that will help his still-developing immune system fight - nutrient dense meals with plenty of garlic and onion, topped up with immune boosting supplements, and lots of ginger and turmeric and lemon tea. And it probably goes without saying; endless cuddles. But life goes on around his poorly self, and thank goodness for slings so it can!

PS Did you know Australians are prescribed 25% more antibiotics than the OECD?


Rachel Elizabeth said...

It's so hard when the little little ones are sick because they don't understand why they feel so awful. Feel better!

A. said...

I hope he gets better soon!

On another note, your blog is SUCH a sweet read -- the way you write these short letters and pair them with your amazing photography is just great!


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