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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Olive,

Before we had you, we had another child. A first love, of the feline variety; Sargeant Pepper. When I was pregnant with you, she was happy. So, so happy. It was all the new things that came into the house that she could sleep in - cribs, baby seats, snuggly beds made out of sheepskin, teddys piled high into cots. But I think she felt let down when you arrived  - the crying, the jerky movements, the loud noises, the terrible smells. In fact, she basically moved out for about five months. But now, I think she's starting to grow a little fond of you. Recently, I've noticed the sweetest thing - Pepper's come right up and snuggled in around you a few times when you've been crying in our bed at night. It made you smile through your tears every time. On a few nights this past week I've even found her asleep with you in your cot! Yesterday I found the two of you dining together. How positively generous of Pepper to share her cat kibbles with you. Even though you get around with scratches on your arms, I'm hopeful it's the beginning of a lasting friendship because, boy, do you adore her.

Note: What's the old adage about never work with animals or children? Very tricky to photograph cat and child together.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! There is some serious love there! My sweetie told me today that she is having a pussy cat called Turtle and a puppy dog called Caesar when she is four. Just like that.

livingwiththefolks said...

Kelbags! This is so cute! It must be a beautiful thing when the cat falls for the baby too!
I'm proud of pepper - what a good cat!

Leila said...

Oh he's a good big brother to his baby sister!


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