Is the 50's housewife dead?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear Olive,

Shane left work early and got home before us yesterday. Although he didn’t say anything, I could tell he was annoyed. You see, I’d left the house in bit of a state. I hadn’t cleaned up after your lunch (signifigant mess), or my lunch (insignificant but still notable mess). There was food all over and around the high chair and dirty dishes piled into the sink. There may or may not have been a major invasion of fruit flies. He said to me after I apologised that "we obviously have different standards of cleanliness". This is not true! I just, for one day, wanted to not do it. Just once. To not wipe the high chair, the floor around the high chair, the bench top, wash up, launder the clothes, launder the nappies, or put away the toys. 

(Disclaimer: It is not my intention in this post to make Shane out to be chauvinistic in any way, as he is not and takes on a very large load of the domestic duties in addition to working very long hours in a demanding job. He's a fantastic, loving, hands-on Dadda and husband-type-person. If our situations were reversed, I'd feel annoyed to come home to a house in total mess too.)


Anonymous said...

New lords, new laws.


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