Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear Olive,

It's the first day of Spring today. (And, frankly, a bit of a let down in the weather department. Is it just me or did that 24 deg forecast miss the mark?) But the seasons aren't the only thing that's different around here. You're changing - literally before my very eyes. You seem older this afternoon than you did this morning. Is it that new top middle tooth? (Which takes our top count to 4, total count 6 - wowsers!) Is it the chubbier face? Is it the way you play and act? You do surprise me with your understanding and your few words. I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but it's looking more and more likely that one day soon-ish I'll wake up to find a toddler in your bed. How positively crazy,  exciting, scary (gulp).

Now, pray tell, what did one do to oneself during ones nap to wake up with one big red scratch on ones face?? 


Anonymous said...

Morning Olive, Kellie & Shane. I have just sat down with Olive's Nan and read your blog with her again (First time for nanna). We loved it and laughed at your fabulous writing and descriptions of the past couple of months since the birth of Olive.

I will keep reading every day and keep nan up to speed and show her when she comes round for a visit. Hope her little scratch on her face clears up. Though, she is still as beautiful as ever and growing into a most gorgeous little girl.
Lots of love Aunty Bry and Nan xxxx.


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