The Pop In

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Olive,

Your God-Nonna surprised us with a pop in this morning on her way to work. She's lucky I even answered the door, I am not a fan of the pop in, especially when still in pyjamas. She's worried about me. Which is so sweet of her. I cancelled out on a birthday dinner she was kindly organising next weekend for me (I'm turning 34, I mean, really, what's to celebrate?), and inadvertently missed two phone calls over the weekend. She's wondering if I'm a little depressed. Which got me to thinking: what if I am? I'm not suicidal or had any self-harm thoughts. I'm active and I get out a lot. And I'm not pretending to anyone to feel much better than I do. But at times admittedly I have been feeling a little, well, flat. I do really think it's all connected with the not-getting-enough-chronic-sleep-deprivation-ten-and-a-half-months-same-old-story-over-and-over-blah-blah-blah. I've been starting to ponder if I need to (want to) do something for myself. Some paid work would be nice. But herein lies the tricky part. I'm not on maternity leave, I have no job to go back to. Before I had you, I worked freelance in costume for film and tv and I was paid based on a 50 hour week. Add to that lunch breaks and travel time and you've got yourself a 60 hour week min. Apart from the fact I possibly wouldn't make enough money to pay a nanny those hours, I don't want to be away from you like that. So. My conundrum. What skills do I have that I could use to do some part-time or casual work? I might have to get back to you on that one. (If anyone has any suggestions, suggest away!)

We had a lovely day yesterday though - your Dadda got back from Brisbane and we met him at a cafe for lunch (we were both very excited to see him, although it was your reaction that got the dog at the table next to us going crazy!) and then went to our friends sons first birthday party. It was a very fun relaxed affair in a park, with some yummy food and a little champagne. It's such a big milestone, turning one, I'm really looking forward to yours.


bags said...

Kel, i'm working on some money making schemes - i may have a nsw sector for you to work on - but that will be a few months away...

Anika said...

Well, by the time Olive turns 1 I'll be getting ready to celebrate 4 whole months off, so if you need a babysitter I think I owe you a day or two a week... ;)


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