A Bunting We Will Go

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Olive,

This week was meant to be all about looking back, looking back on the parts of your first year I always want to remember. The sweet, lovely things that may give me wet eye when I think of them. But today, instead of looking back, I've been looking forward. In panic. It's forecast to rain on Sunday, the day we're holding your afternoon tea birthday party. In the park. And it's forecast to rain on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Monday. So even if it doesn't rain on party afternoon, the chances of the ground being too soggy for anyone to make it through the afternoon without a wet bum are very slim. Invitations are out and out of town family have travel arrangements in place so we've spent much of today contacting local girl guides halls and seeing what's available. I think we'll take the safe option and switch venues. At least this afternoon I managed to make bunting, 20 metres of it! It may not be the neatest, most even bunting that's ever lived, but it was made with love and that counts for a lot, right?

PS These photos were taken by Dadda. He finished up his job yesterday so he's home with us for a while, yippee! We had to race out to see the Scout Hall while the Scouts had the hall open, so no photo of the finished bunting. Soon, I promise.


Rin said...

that bunting looks beautiful. looking forward to seeing the finished product.

hope your party is cloud/rain free

Nell said...

Good job on the bunting - it looks fab! The colours are beautiful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no rain! x


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