Happy International Babywearing Week!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Olive,

Since you were born, taking you in a sling has been the preferred modus get aroundus for our family. When you were teeny tiny, we'd carry you all curled up and cosy in our over the shoulder sling and people would call you dream baby because you'd be content for hours in there. After a few months you got too heavy so we moved onto the Bjorn and your Dadda and I have both loved carrying you this way. Dadda loves it despite a few sickening incidents involving an excited stray kick of yours landing plum on his, er, nether regions. I love it that we're able to talk to you about all the exciting things you can see. You love it because at the check outs, you get to hand over the cash or card. For quite a long time, if Dadda or I put the Bjorn on and then took it off to readjust, you'd burst into tears. (You seem to understand the process now.) Soon, we plan to move onto the back sling. Happy International Babywearing Week!


Rin said...

oh i love the sling. and i love that woolen jumper.
what a trendy baby.

zigsma said...

The sling didn't really work for us in the early days unfortunately. We now have an Ergo Baby Carrier and bubs is slowly getting the hang of it - as are we. Much better. Cute jumper.

this free bird said...

dear olive: you are very pretty. and have excellent taste in tights and stripes.


MultipleMum said...

I had no idea there was such a week! No more 'babies' to wear for me, but I can assure you I have done my fair share :) The twins weigh about 14 kilos each now, so I will continue to encourage the walking.

Thanks for the blog love over at Maxabella loves today. It was great to receive comments from new people! You have a gorgeous blog and little Olive is already a heart-breaker xx


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