Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Olive,

People keep asking me what I'm getting you for your birthday. For anyone who knows me, I'm hopeless with presents. I come from a family where IOU's which never eventuate are standard practice. I once received a birthday card in the mail from your Pappa with a yellow post-in note stuck inside that read "IOU 1 x b'day present". Probably for the same reason as my Dad, my lack of present giving is not from a lack of generosity, it's that I choke when it comes to choosing. Your Dadda loves pointing out that for christmas and birthdays the past few years, all I've given him are a few lousy IOU's. Last christmas he opened up a card containing a pair of sandals I'd made out of paper ... come to think of it, I never got around to getting him real leather-made ones. I'm sure he'll make sure we get you something for your birthday, but here are a few things that might make it onto your IOU list.

You'll love the images in this beautiful story (which I remember from my childhood).

I love this little helicopter - it's made by special needs adults in Israel using environmentally safe and non-toxic paints. Available here.

You've never worn a dress before, but you'd look super duper cute in this one. From here.

And I get something for getting us to your first birthday in one piece, right? In any case, you'll love playing with it. Hello new bangle friend. From here.


Anonymous said...

You definitely get something for getting through. Definitely. And then the next year you get something to replace all the things that meant something to you that got broken in the emerging toddler chaos. And then the next year you get something to help you keep up with your little people. (For this reason only I think a pair of roller skates and or a scooter are on the cards for me at Little Ts birthday). I am sure more presents come for various reasons each and every year!

Anonymous said...

PS and by the way: Olive and I a party sisters of the birthday variety! Only I am seriously pushing ancient and she is oh so gorgeous.

Rin said...

those presents seem perfect.

I love the dress.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh love that super cute dress, maybe a mother daughter combination?? IT can be cool, love Posie

Nell said...

I love that you gave your boyfriend paper sandals. That's genius! Any of these pretty pictured things would be perfect and yep, you totally get a gift yourself. That's how I work anyway!! xx


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