Plus and Minus

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dear Olive,

It's a long weekend here (plus). Which means we get Dadda home for three days in a row (big plus). But there's been two football finals to distract him (minus). And the weather's been pretty crap (big minus). But we haven't let it dampen our spirits too much and today we even made it down to the beach with some friends (big plus). You got to play with your divine friend Vincent (and no, he hasn't been eating a raspberry icy pole - those are actually his lips!). You're only one day apart and you're just so so cute together. It got me to wondering - will the two of you still be friends by the time you can read this?

The camera charger has been left at Dadda's work (minus), but I'm loving the hipstamatic app on my brand new iphone Dadda got me for my birthday (big BIG plus).


Mia said...

Great photos and I love the '60s feeling - very nostalgic!

dorothybills..... said...

don't you just love the photo apps on the iphone, lots of fun!
Your little one is very cute! Great blog too!

Rin said...

what a cutie pie.

<3 the blog

Leila said...

Kellie your blog is amazing, it's the best blog I've ever read.. and the photos are so adorable. Little Vincenzo and Olive.. they better still be friends or I'll have a word! I love this pic of Olive with her kitty so much, please get a print made for me!


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