Rain Rain Go Away

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Olive,

It's raining it's pouring
It's very very boring
Stuck inside the house today
Can't get out til the rain goes away


Notes from Holly St. said...

Olive looks so sweet looking out the window :)...hope your rain goes away soon!

zigsma said...

It's raining today,
We can't go outside to play,
Here is where we're gonna stay,
Stuck in the house,
All Day!

This is good in the form of a rap.

The Franglaise said...

Sounds familiar! We've had non-stop rain for the last two weeks - it's amazing how creative one can get to keep a bored indoor child entertained!

Anika said...

Look at that curly hair!!

Did it fine up over there? Roxy and I went to Wildlife World this morning and when we were walking up to Newtown station it was still just sprinkling a little, and was cold. By the time we popped up at Town Hall Station, it was incredibly sunny and hot! Very fickle indeed.

Madeleine said...

So hard being indoors ALL day with children! Hope you managed to get out.
Also hope the sleeping is getting better. Don't be too hard on yourself. Lack of sleep is the pits.I know this isn't really helpful right now but it will pass. Promise.
Otto (who is 8) asked me the other day if he was a good sleeper when he was little and I really couldn't remember! Good luck x

Nell said...

You've gotta love a rhyme! x

Jodi said...

apparently we're in for a wet summer. she'll be a bit older then and may enjoy the splashing in puddles! x

tea with lucy said...

love that second picture. pent up. frustrated. cabin fever...


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