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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dear Olive,
Some gross news. You've had your first tummy bug. It wasn't too bad and you seemed over it pretty fast, so yesterday I decided to venture to Surry Hills to meet a friend. It's usually a little exhausting taking you on the bus, you want to walk around and get loud and whingy when you can't. But this trip was different, you snuggled in and were really quiet. This is a breeze, why don't I do this more often I was thinking. Then you threw up. All over me. All over you. All over the bus. You'd eaten strawberries and there was pink, everywhere. I feel terrible but I just got off without even alerting the bus driver to the pile of biological hazard we left behind. I was simply too embarrassed. 
But it's not all bad news. We walked straight into American Apparel and got you out of your soiled clothes and into a super cute new outfit. I just can't get enough of those lean, green pins of yours. 
I, of course, spent the rest of the afternoon in my strawberry vomit covered shorts.


CASPER said...

Love the outfit! And the little blond curls. And the sandals, are they baby Birkenstocks?

CASPER said...

PS. Hope little Olive is feeling better.

captain kk said...

awww.. poor little olive! lovin the green pins, stripey top & navy sandals. how great is american apparel? although i normally feel sooo old when i go in there bc i can't help but laugh out loud to the ridiculously crazy sparkly vomit looking lycra leggings that look like something from a bad dance recital!! or is that just me?? x captn

Sarah said...

Oh Kel, what a journey. Poor you, poor Olive, although at least Olive managed to score something great out of it... I LOVE the green (robin hood) pins!

I hope little Olive is all better now. Big big hugs.

Lizeylou said...

Oh no ... I can deal with a lot of things but vomit is just wrong!! At least Olive was feel better soon and I hope it wasn't anything that has made you sick aswell. The green legs are cute - super super cute!

one claire day said...

Ahh, American Apparel. I miss Sydney..

Love that outfit - really sets the mullet off ;)

Hope little Olive is feeling better (but I'm sure those green pins were just what the doctor ordered!).

Claire x

Notes from Holly St. said...

poor thing...but she looks absolutely adorable in her new outfit!!

Melanie Waugh said...

I want a pair of those tights!


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