Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Olive,
Happy 18 months (and a few days) to my most adorable, cheeky, grubby-faced, not-so-baby girl. You bring me indescribable joy.


Katrina@capturingmoments said...

What a lovely blog you have! and Daughter too. I have an 18 month old son...aren't they precious? Happy 1 1/2 birthday Olive.

one claire day said...

Wow... how they grow!

Happy 1.5 Birthday cutie pie!

x claire

CASPER said...

Happy 18 months gorgeous girl! Thanks for entertaining me with you marvellous photos and stories.

Lizeylou said...

What a cutie!! And I must say I am loving the little bit of your outfit that we can see ... are they boots? They look ACE!!


Dear Kel, I was only just thinking how Olive must be 18 months and how this is yet another wonderful achievement on your behalf! Well done! She is gorgeous. You are gorgeous. Your boots are gorgeous. Your pants are out of sight. (Notice that I've finally worked out how to sign in.) Jane x


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