Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Olive,
We made it through another working stint for me. It's getting easier, I think. Or probably it was that this time your Dad was at home, taking care of everything. He's a super house-husband, I highly recommend all working Mums get one just like him. Things are back to normal tomorrow, Shane said to a very exhausted me last night. Meaning, I suppose, that he's back at work and I'm home with you. I don't really feel like I know what normal is, though. But I guess this is becoming our normal. A few crazy, enjoyable, exhausting working days interspaced with a stretch of lovely, slower-paced days at home with you that are somehow even more tiring. I wish there could be a bit more balance but that's just the curse of a freelancer.
It's cold here today and we returned from the park to find the place engulfed by the deliciously intoxicating smell of a curry in the slow cooker. Pretty nice.
Cute times in the park after breakfast on the weekend with one of your favourites, Louis. You worked out how to say his name and haven't stopped since.
PS No, I don't usually take you to the park without pants. You sat in some water so I removed them.


Madeleine said...

ooooh run little bare bottom run!!
And go Shane, house-husband and rockstar? Clearly a double threat.

Kristi said...

oh the sweetness.

Heather said...

How sweet is that, a barefoot, pantless run through the park with a boy named Louis!

Lizeylou said...

I love a great house husband!! And a cute nudie at the park too!


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