Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear Olive,
Shane finished up his job last week so he's home with you now. Even though I'm a bit jealous of all the fun you'll be having together, I'm really glad you get to have this time, just the two of you. It's usually reserved for the weekend early morning, when I demand more time in bed and you get taken out for a coffee, if you're lucky a croissant. But now you have until halfway through next week together, after which I finish my job and then we're both unemployed and home with you. Hello, mini break somewhere. It's going to be excellent.
PS You gotta be quick around here ... whipped this new cardi of yours away right under the nose of this international style icon who had it in her sights!


Lila said...

Daddy time is so great! Also I adore Olives' beanie.

Jgee said...

Dear Olive- you are just a little bit too cute in your beanie and cardi. Love Lenny

anyaadores said...

Dear Olive's mum - i have just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading the lovely words you have written for little Olive. I am a mother myself and can totally relate to the little stories. Wow I am hooked and your latest follower, amazing idea this, I love it. What a brilliant idea.
A x

- mUMmYkINs said...

Sleeping through.. now a mini break! Mumma and bubba in style. Life is good yes? Enjoy x Emma

fast times in münchen. said...

Ha love ya Kellie but it'll be a sad day when I become any sort of icon! It pains me to say this but I think the cardi went home with its rightful owner. Can you imagine that gold on my fair little lady? It's perfect for Olive and I'm happy she's as snug as a bug in it. Her whole outfit is gorgeous. And that first photo with her papa? So so cute. Though I'm curious as to what they're both looking at so intensely? x

Nell said...

The cardigan rocks. And Bianca, what are you talking about? Kellie's right...sytle icon all the way. Although Olive is most definitely challenging her in that outfit.

Loving the dimple hat too. From Vicky at Dover and Madden, right? Just ordered a red one for the bub for those first cold months. Olive is modelling the purple on beautifully. xx

amanda evans said...

olives eyes look so beautiful in the second shot!
the same colour as the sea!

Inês Seabra said...

This is as sweet as a blog can be. What a lovely find I had! Thank you for sharing you thoughts, your feelings, your life and all the love you have for each other. I wish I'll have the time to write something like this to my kids when I have them.

p.s. Olive is such a beautiful name! as beautiful as she is!


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