Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Olive, Close enough I say (although where on earth did you get eleventeen from?). You can't quite get up to 22 yet. Which is how old you are as of yesterday. You've left us with no doubt as to what you want for your birthday in two months. Scooter, purple scooter Mummy! This is you having a go of Roxy's scooter at the park this morning. We'll have to break it to you gently that they don't come in purple. Happy 22 months!


fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Hmmm perhaps you have a little accountant on your hands. Oli went to Dave's work one day, sat on his desk chair and said: 'is there where you sit and count all day papa?'.

Honestly, I think O is amazing to count past 10. (Or 3 for that matter). Even if does she make up a couple of the numbers!

Those scooters are rad huh. But I'm with Olive, why isn't there a purple one? xx

Lila said...

Not sure if this is pricy as I know nothing about scooters but it is purple.
Also Olive's counting is amazing and I love eleventeen even if it's not a real number.

Lila said...

Just realized it's the wrong age range :(

Nell said...

This kid is fast becoming my style icon. I want some green leggings. xx

one claire day said...

Shut. Up. Olive can count to eleventeen already? What is she... some sort of freaky little pythagoras reincarnate? Whoa!

..and I'm loving 'apple pins' the sequel with those gigantic pink bloomers. too cute!

one claire day said...

I was too stunned to mention... Happy 22 months gorgeous girl! ... that means the big TWOteen is coming up! Exciting!

Madeleine said...

Coco loves eleventeen too! Also sometimes threeteen.
Did you know it's a sign of genius being able to count to eleventeen? True. Not everyone can grasp this highly intellectual mathematical concept.
You're as bright as a button Olive, with legs to match xx

The Franglaise said...

Counting to eleventeen at 22 months is pret-ty clever. Happy month birthday to you Oliveinstein!

Though he remains pretty obssessed with his pushchair right now, my little man is also eyeing every scooter he sees. Hello father xmas, I know what you'll be sending down the chimney in four months!

Happy weekending!

ashley said...

Dear kellie, could olive get any cuter, eleventeen?! Love it! Happy 22 monthteens to you both. X ashley


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