Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Olive,
When I saw this book in a shop recently, I couldn't resist buying it. So many hilarious cakes! So many memories from my childhood! So much sexism! You had a good look and declared you'd like the cake with the animals. And despite repeated attempts to tell you it's just a cake, you're insistent. Go in it. Want to go in there. 
PS long weekend here = bliss.
PPS I'm working the rest of this week. See you on the other side.


captain kk said...

oh god, that book is awesome/ ridiculous isn't it?! i have my mum's dog eared copy. i think you can guess someone's age by whether or not they recognise that cake :)
sounds like olive hasn't been to the zoo in a little while & is telling you it's time to go! i feel like the zoo is our second home.. or maybe my home is a zoo! x kate

zigsma said...

'I want to go to there' - Liz Lemon.

Inspired by Tina Fey's daughter.

one claire day said...

oh, yes...there's some beauties in there! I think Paddy had more of those cakes than anyone I've ever known!! His childhood photo album is full of them!

Olive: "Go in it" - how do you cope with that amount of cuteness???

Hope work is going well xxx

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

It was GP's wasn't it! I wanted it too! I was raised on those cakes... maybe my mother still has hers?!

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Ooo there's nothing more exciting than flicking through that book and reliving parts of your childhood. I made Oli's cake this year from that baby. It was a fusion number. A mix between the "6" and the "race-track" cake. I'd love to see Olive's finished product. Pressure is on! xx Ps I can't believe she's almost 2. I want to send her a pressie. If it's ok, can you please send me your address?

Kristi said...

oh i miss that age.

ps. please take her to the zoo. x.

Lizeylou said...

We have this book - its a family favourite. My kids love looking at it and planning their next birthday cake. So much fun!

Nell said...

I needed cake inspiration for Ben's birthday cake this weekend. You're never too old for a cake surrounded by chocolate fingers, right? x

oscarlucinda said...

That recipe book is pure gold. My life wasn't complete until my Mum made me the Sweet Shop cake (11th birthday).

Some lovely friends at work gave me a copy of this for my baby shower present and I thought it was one of the best gifts you can give a new Mama:)

Madeleine said...

Oh man she's cute Kellie!
Glad to see I haven't missed Olive's birthday...her present is almost finished. I'll send it soon!
Hope you made it through the week ok. Enjoy the weekend! xxx

mama bear said...

All I ever wanted during my childhood was one of these cakes (the piano to be exact) yet every time I got some hardcore European torte! (I'm not even going to go into my school lunches...)

Happy baking! x

Jodi said...

Oh the WW cake book. I was lucky enough to have the lolly shop and the pool (filled with green jelly!) My brother had the train (with coloured popcorn in the carriages) for his 1st birthday. Sheesh the effort my parents went to. I created a lego cake for Che's recent birthday and all I kept thinking while making it (apart from the obvious disgust at food colouring) was how on earth my parents got each cake so damn perfect. But then I thought about it and concluded that it probably want perfect by my standards now - but when I was little it was a dream come true. There in lies the secret to creating the best birthdays for your children - perfection doesn't count, effort does x

Aimee said...

Hi Kel last year I did a post that compared the old 70/80s womans weekly cake book and the current one. I think the standard of decorating has increased over the years. mwaa

The Franglaise said...

when I made L's birthday cake it was froma book like this one that I borrowed from my mum. it's 30 years old but still does the trick amazingly well!
ps: I like the "go in it"! L. scratches the animals in his book as if trying to take them out and then always says "it's stuck". :)


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