Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Olive,
A visit to one of my best friends yesterday, and her new baby. It's beautiful to see them, filled with love for each other. But there's more to this bond than meets the eye. At 5 weeks old, the gorgeous little man has already endured a heart operation and weeks in hospital. I can't begin to conceive of what they've gone through, they're both so amazing. George had to go back to hospital today, so I'm sending him and Jen all my love and am hoping this is the last time they'll be seeing hospital walls for a long, long time. It reminds me how lucky we are that you've been so healthy so far. So much about this life seems like just luck of the draw stuff. 
PS This one's especially for Jane and Lisa xx


one claire day said...

Oh poor little George. Hope all goes well today... they'll be in my thoughts.

Really makes you reevaluate things, doesn't it? x

Alex Sunday said...

what a lovely set of photos. and you're so right about it seeming like luck of the draw stuff. it's a reminder of how lucky most of us have it. xo

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

look at your little Olive so tenderly touching precious George.

I too hope hospital walls are never seen again.

xo em


oh Kel I just cried my eyes out. Man, I miss you and Olive and Jen (and Louis), and I feel so sad to be missing out on so much of George's life so far. Those pictures are gorgeous. Jen is such a beautiful mother. I really wish I was there. And I bet Lisa does too. I am sending cuddles across the internet and trying not to get any of these tears on the keyboard. Jane xxxxxxxxxx

Jodi said...

It's just not fair is it. Little George looks like a fighter and sweet spirit. As for your little Olive - she's so precious. x

kacey said...

what a beautiful baby boy. best of luck to him and his family.

LM_Toone said...

oh sob, i miss you guys so much!! im aching to meet george and give him a cuddle, he is so beautiful. thanks kel for putting this photos up, sending you texas-sized love xxxx


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