Quarter Past

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Olive,
A photo for every hour of your day.
6:15. Books. Lots of books in my bed.

7:15. Breakfast for you - banana on kamut bread.

8:15. Breakfast for me. Blueberry super smoothie.

9:15. Tea.

10:15. Walk to the park.

11:15. Climbing to the slide. While staring at girl on swing.

12:15. Lunch. Avocado on mountain bread.

1:15. A lovely friend drops around with lunch for me. 

2:15. Pepper chilling on the kitchen floor. Vainly hoping for more food.

3:15. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the dustiest of them all?

4:15. Blueberry nose.

5:15. You is feeling sick, Mummy?

6:15. Self-sufficient on the toilet.

7:15. Daddy!


Tania said...

Loving your day's photo stories. Prettiest curls (and tea cup too!).

melynda said...

love these photos. she looks like so much fun!

m x

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

That pic of sweet Olive on the loo is perfect. I love it.

Lizeylou said...

What a fun post.
I love getting a glimpse of your whole day - and how yummy was your lunch!!

Andrea @ little buckles said...

What a lovely day you had and olive too xx

At Number 32 said...

beautiful post.....love the bathroom shot.

Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Lovely post! What a cutie.

The Franglaise said...

How lovely to see what you get up to during your day! Olive seems to have grown so much again. She's just gorgeous, Kellie. And as for that photo of Pepper, it is amazing! The light and all - wow. You have certainly mastered your new toy!


Greer said...

Your girl is lovely and your cat always cracks me up. Such a serious fellow!

Unknown said...

Love them all!

Rach x

Madeleine said...

14 super gorgeous photos. And clever big girl on the loo!
Love. Love! xx

jody said...

Seriously gorgeous photos! Such a great look in to your day. I'm thinking I might have to try it! xx

Col | Hello Olive Designs said...

What a lovely post and great photos too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - lovely to see how another little person spends her day!

And a bit of a strange question.... but where did you get that step from for the toilet? It looks like a good size one. We're faffing around with a potty but I think it might be better to just go straight to the toilet and I'm thinking a step like Olive has will suit us (and hopefully Annika) better than one of those ladder type ones I've seen around.

Becks x

Francesca said...

totally gorgeous! x

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Love this Kellie. Please do more.

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again. Olive has the has most beautiful skin, eye hair colour combination I've ever seen on a little person. Ever. That blueberry nose pic is amazing. As is that lunch... xx

ejorpin said...

Oh STUNNING! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos - the framing and the light and the way you capture a moment. Wonderful stuff.

one claire day said...

I was wondering how it would feel to read your blog now that I've met you guys. And it's so cool... I feel much more connected in such a lovely way!

I'm loving these exciting new posts, Kel. You've inspired me! xx

flickleflackle said...

So talented, Kellie.
I love the variety of what you have captured.
Fav is the intense stare at the girl on the swing.


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