Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Olive,
It was a weekend enjoyed with the spirit of love in our hearts thanks to attending the loveliest wedding I've ever had the privilege of being invited to. You came for the ceremony and adored it too - you got to see flower girls (who you haven't stopped talking about since) and eat your first ever ice cream on a stick (which also, you haven't stopped talking about since). I think I mentioned I wanted to wear a tux, well I didn't quite get that together but I did fancy pants it up in a black jumpsuit with a vintage white blazer. Which you can't see at all in the  below photo of my shoes. We had friends from Melbourne stay (while you stayed at Hayes and Sarahs! A sleepover!). And we visited our equine friends at the stables (a favourite past time of yours and Shane's ... I'm starting to get concerned that you're going to be as horsey as my sister and I were! All well and good and to be encouraged for country living, but not so easy in the city.) But through it all, we've had some serious behavioural changes from you. To describe it almost makes it sound kind of normal two year old behaviour, but it's seemed extremely dramatic to me. You can have your moments but in general you're a fairly reasonable kid. But the past few days has been filled with wild, inconsolable crying tantrums over seemingly nothing, with you even working yourself up to retching and choking. It all began after you took a truly awful whack in the head from a kid on a swing at the end of last week. I've got my fingers crossed it's just being caused by a headache. Because it's sure giving me one.


Lila Wolff said...

I miss having a horse, I'd love to sneak one into my backyard!

Nell said...

Olive, you truly have the best collection of leggings ever. And Kellie. Loving the shoes. xx

Alex Sunday said...

wow, i feel like coco is going through something similar even though she;s a fair bit younger. it's really tough!! lots of dramatic crying tantrums over nothing. a couple of days ago i found her practicing her crying in front of a mirror. scrunching up her face, but peeking to see how it looked. not a word of a lie.

Kate said...

Beautiful photos!

Madeleine said...

I bet you looked amazing Kellie and Olive's red dress is gorgeous. Perfect day for a wedding too and how cute are the buttons on Shane's shirt!

Otto use to tantrum for Australia often at this age too, also with the buckets of tears. All I can say is hang in there and if it helps I am crossing fingers and toes (and eyes) for you too.

You're a great Mum and you and Shane seem like such a great team, I know you'll work through it.
Lots of love xx

kelly said...

I just followed you from Beetle Shack.. your blog is so so so lovely.
Olives red dress and happy ice cream eating face is just beautiful...

from kelly

fast times in m√ľnchen. said...

Wow Kellie, that looks like the perfect spot for a weeding. I'm glad you guys got a chance to let loose and live it up!

Poor Olive. I hope she's on the mend. For everyone's sake. xx


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