Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Olive,
Such a fun weekend that we had.
1. View from the house we stayed at with a bunch of people for a friends birthday. (The inside was even better.)
2. Go away with foodies, get served poached eggs, kransky sausage, and corn and papaya relish for breakfast.
3. She takes you on pony rides and you love her. Happy birthday Rach!
4. Mexican lunch.
5. Step this way for taco's and beers. Yes please!
6. Senorita toilets.
7. Hard to go past without a long, long look inside the window of this little art school.
8. Cold, be gone!


melynda said...

wowww so lovely!

melynda x


tonia said...

hey thats mum and dads view, did you stay at north avoca? xx

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Ahh, our beautiful Central Coast ;-) Glad you had a lovely time here. x

hello milky said...

MMM Mexican... looks and sounds like a delicious weekend. Hope the cold disappears quickly, sending healthy vibes xx

Greer said...

Beautiful photos! (Big thanks for your donation too!) xxx

one claire day said...

Beautiful photos Kellie! Sounds like such an awesome weekend (except for the cold bit!) xx

Jodi said...

Of course you had a lovely weekend ;)
Hope you get better soon darling. My naturopath recommends a lot of spicy food for this time of year to clear the lungs in prep for winter...lots of water, obviously, and fennel, apples and pears. Nettle tea too for a good cleanse. Hugs too. Sleep-ins. Afternoon reading sessions. Soy chai. Gosh, I'm getting carried away. x

jody said...

beautiful! if the tea at the end is for you, I hope you feel better soon. xx

Tales of a Tai Tai said...

Beautiful, colourful snaps of a great weekend. Love it x

Miles,Papa and Me said...

What a sweet weekend you all had and an even sweeter lady baby you got there!


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