Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dear Olive,
1.We both laughed so hard when we saw this. Little lion.
2.Something about this reminds me of summer. It's a comin'.
3.& 4.& 5. Dress up Attack! (kids festival - you loved it.)
6. Tea and shadows.


one claire day said...

Love it! First she was a tiger... now she's a lion! Such a GREAT photo!

In fact, they're all great... love the light on your shoes!

So nice to see you popping in! x

Anonymous said...

There's something about Olive that makes me think she's set to conquer the world. I love this little window into your world.


Unknown said...

a kids Festival! i cant believe I didn't hear about this it!

Greer said...

Beautiful light everywhere! xx

Iliska Dreams said...

Such a beautiful lion! Love the lighting in your images.

Nell said...

That first picture is so awesome. Her hair is so long now! I think Phiney's is going to look like this too. It's so cute!

And I love your shoes. xx

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

little olive. What a treasure.

xo em

Imogen Eve said...

Love the light in the first two pictures. Happy Olive got to enjoy the headlining acts. Im.

Tash said...

Loving your posts and photos, as always Kellie. And your Olive is one beautiful little lion :) xx


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