Wishing List

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dear Olive,
Hey Olive ...
Have you and Dad bought me a birthday present?
Are you sure?

In light of this most shocking revelation, I thought I'd help you guys out. You've only got a couple of days so you better get cracking.

Tea towel
Chopping board
This house and every single piece of art and furniture in it


Alex Sunday said...

phwoar, i remember seeing that house in insideout mag a while ago. that kitchen cabinetry is something else!
p.s. i hope duane mellon is reading....
p.p.s. you don't need sandals! - you have magical saltwaters!!

flannery o'kafka said...

It's always nice to help a dad out!! :)

Anonymous said...

May all your wishes come true.
Especially if I can visit you in the lovely house!

Iliska Dreams said...

I always email a wish list at least two weeks in advance... Never thought to include images, must keep this in mind for next year.


Allison Taylor said...

Those sandals... and that cutting board. How perfect!

Laura said...

Those windows. Love amazing light in a home.

Fabulous wish list. My little sister works at Harvest sometimes so I'm hoping for some of their goodies, next birthday too!
x laura

Mum on the Run said...

Hee hee.
Hoping your 'hints' are well received.
:-) xx

Nat said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday! And get very spoilt, love those sandals x

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

ANd now it's TODAY and it's your birthady!

HAPPY BIRTH DAY DARLIN (hear conner obert's voice when i say that!)

xo em

Jodi said...

oh happiest day you beautiful thing. if i had the money, and lisa was willing to sell, i would buy you that house....and then move in with you. xxx

Lizeylou said...

Hope that your birthday wishes have been granted ... You totally deserve every single on of these things!

Anonymous said...

hope you had the happiest day for your birthday! I love those shoes :-) and the sentiment of this reminds me of similar discussions with my mum when I was younger!

xx georgi

ps. thank you so much for stopping by and your comment, it meant a lot. x

trishie said...

Love that terrarium. Happy Birthday, whatever present you end up getting!

Contemplating Beauty said...

so are those the sandals you ended up ordering? SO cute!

do you like Saltwater sandals?

Cavallo Collections said...

Beautiful post


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