Dinner Picnic

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Olive,
Shane and I are in desperate need of jobs. Financially, and emotionally. It sounds so dreamy to have both parents at home, doesn't it? But in reality it's fraught with a bit of stress about finances, combined with a sense we're just treading water waiting for the phone to ring. But if there's going to be any season to be out of work, it best be summer. So many free activities .... beach, parks, picnics. Yesterday evening we met friends for a picnic in Centennial Park. Dinner picnics really are a lovely, refreshing activity to break up what can otherwise be a very monotonous part of the day. And it was so fun to be in Centennial Park at night - the gates usually close at dusk, but they've lit up some of the trees as part of the parks 125th birthday celebrations, and it's a really special place to be as night falls. (The taco truck wasn't bad, either.) 


Iliska Dreams said...

Nothing better than free activities, especially when like myself you don't have a job and are stressed about the lack of money.
Going outside, finding entertainment, brings the smile back to your face and makes life all seem so much better.


. said...

Yes dinner picnics are the best! So relaxed and easy and the little ones are usually nice and tired when its home time and sleep so well.
I do hope some work comes your way soon, we have recently been in the same situation and its not nice. Keep positive! x

Kate said...

Free activities make the BEST memories... and I wish you nothing but immense happiness in your search for new jobs. It can be a long road, but I'm certain you'll snag something great! xx

Megan.K. said...

I agree, summer is perfect for the free activities. Beautifully captured here.
Fingers crossed something comes up for you guys soon. Financial stress eats away at you (talking from bitter experience).

Rin said...

That little dress is sweeeeet!

Hope some work comes your way soon.

Lila Wolff said...

It's so hard when there's time and no money, or some money and no time.
Hope that the job situation improves instantly (wish there was something I could do to help).

Laura said...

We love park dinners too. And that dress is just gorgeous.

Fingers crossed that phone rings with some great opportunities very soon.

x Laura

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

These times seem to be the ones to remember! Until relatively recently Brett and I were snowboard instructors living between two countries, so have had quite a few seasons like these. They are hard at the time, but inventiveness and necessity also make them special and memorable. We were just talking about a summer we had out of work where we spent each evening out fishing for our tea, how awesome it was in hindsight!! Enjoy :) It won't last long.
Olive's dress is lovely too. Is it vintage?

Col | Hello Olive Designs said...

I really hope you guys find some work soon. It's such a Catch 22 isn't it? All this time to do stuff, and not enough money to do it!

I love Olive's dress - wouldn't mind one in my size! x

bron @ baby space said...

it will be so lovely when rose is big enough take on dinner picnics! I'm wanting to go to the light garden thingo too. and you guys are doing so great -- I would really struggle being at home all the time with the mister. we need our space for sure.

Julia Kukulovski said...

I hope the work situation gets sorted soon.
I love dinner picnics too. In fact I think we had one in that very spot not to long ago xx


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