Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Olive,
Morning shadows and a frown. You've had a great frown since you were born, even though you're really not serious too much of the time. But the only way I could get you to sit still for a photo was to ask you if you could see the tiny moth that had landed on my head.  (Which, of course, was a complete porky pie.)

I look at this weeks number, and I can barely breathe. The year is half over and the things I wanted to accomplish, I've barely even begun.

Joining in with Jodi.


Unknown said...

Beautiful. Just shows, porky pies make for lovely images ;)

Sar xx

marci said...

now that is a good frown. beautiful image.

Gaby said...

i too am feeling a bit behind the eight ball, especially now that it's nearly june! oh well. lovely shot of olive xx

Unknown said...

so so sweet. xo

Iliska Dreams said...

Hand to forehead. Frown. Dramatic lighting> All could be components of a still shots from a Day Time Drama. I can just see the freeze frame in action. Miss Olive you would make the perfect actress


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