Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dear Olive,
You won't let us cut your fringe. I like it in my eyes.

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Anonymous said...

A force to be reckoned with? I a have a feeling Eve will be the same way.

Liz Rose Bowman said...

peeking out under her hair as she peeks out under the tent!

Mama Smith said...

So sweet, and I'm a sucker for wild hair :)

xox Lilly

little wild moose said...

I have a feeling Everly will be the same. She screams when I tie it up, so I think she'll run if I come at her with scissors! Children with wild hair!

Alex Sunday said...

me: coco, can i please brush your hair?
coco: no
me: why won't you ever let me brush your hair?
coco: i like it crazy.

hard to argue with a girl who knows what she wants. :)

Hannah said...

A girl who knows what she wants is never a bad thing in this world. Thanks for sharing!

Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

Iliska Dreams said...

A strong willed girl who know what she wants. What's not to love about that?


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