Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dear Olive,
Looking up to ominous and scary bush fire skies. 
The fires are over two hours West of Bondi, and on Friday there were reports of burning embers and ash falling into the sea here. I'm really, really feeling for those under threat.


Katrina@capturingmoments said...

It is super scary. And it's October. I hate to think this fear could last until February. Love this portrait, the blue wall is beautiful. x

Rhiannon Ward @ Love Wisdom Motherhood said...

What a beautiful photo!
I agree with Kat, to think it's only October and this is what we are dealing with... scary.
Rhi x

Anonymous said...

Very glad you aren't right near the danger.
I hope things calm down soon it must be insanely stressful for people living there.

jay said...

there is so much i love about this photo, wow.


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