Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Olive,
I took you to your first movie on Saturday! We were so exited. We went to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz (at the Golden Age Cinema inside Paramount House. Which is just so, so great). Except, you only lasted until Dorothys mean neighbour came and took Toto away before you started crying. (You know, about the third scene in.) Crying so much that we had to leave. Sigh. With parking ($10), tea and hot chocolate ($8), movie tickets ($30) and popcorn ($5), I should have just taken 50 bucks, flushed it down the toilet, and stayed at home resting.
PS It was also your first time with your hair in plaits!

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Astred*designcherry said...

Far out. That's the worst. What a waste, your poor wallet and poor Olive being so upset.

I've taken Little A to the movies and had to leave mums and bug's sessions because he was climbing on everything.

The last time I took him to the movies (Pixar Planes) it was empty and I just let him run around in between sitting and watching and scoffing pop corn.

Steph @ this brown wren said...

We're yet to do the movies as I fear Bijou's reaction would be exactly the same. Beautiful sensitive souls I guess. Hope your week is a lovely one :) xx

little wild moose said...

Oh dear! Poor you and your wallet, and poor little Olive. We're yet to watch any movie in this house (not even the cinema, just a movie on the TV!) because I fear Everly won't cope. She cries sometimes when she watches Play School and we have to talk about it until she calms down. We received free tickets last-minute to Cavalia last weekend and took Everly with us - half an hour in (after all the popcorn was eaten) she declared she wanted to go home and climbed onto my lap, and for the last hour she would yell in my ear "I want to go home!" every five minutes (it was incredibly loud, so I didn't blame her!). I really wanted to see the horses so we persevered, but if she started crying we would've left. Little sensitive souls they are! x

Anonymous said...

What a shame! At least you respected her fear and didn't push her to stay.

melania said...

Oh no! Such excitement, such sadness! You can remind her of it when she's older, maybe she'll give you $50 to stop telling the story! Hope you're travelling well. Melania x

bluebirds of happiness said...

Poor little Olive. I agree, at least you didn't force her to see it out, I still remember seeing ET when I was young and started balling my eyes out as soon as he gets left behind at the beginning, I had no choice but to stick it out. I almost got violent with my husband once when he tried to make me watch it recently. I still can't believe it has affected me so much. I'm sure she enjoyed the hot chocolate though!

leanne can blog said...

MY now 19 year old had a similar reaction to the Wizard of Oz at the same age- it's hard when those awful scenes come up so early in the film- because the rest is so lovely!

tea with lucy said...

Oh dear! I'm yet to find any kids movie that mine don't get freaked out by. There always seems to be a scene that's a bit dark and scary!

rachel xo


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