Friday, November 15, 2013

Dear Olive,
I am excitedly marking off the days until Christmas. And not just because of what Christmas will bring in terms of it being Christmas (Christmas brings presents, time with family, good food, and going away for our annual mid-north coast summer trip, which is pretty much guaranteed to be glorious and filled with fun times). No, I am counting down the days because Christmas marks the end of my job. I've been working full time on back to back jobs since April. And I'm worn out. My weeks have begun to feel like a relentless, monotonous, impossible juggle. Trying to keep on top of the shopping, cooking, cleaning, juggling kindy drop offs and pick ups with working hours that don't even begin to correspond with daycare opening hours, going to work and performing my job and then coming home and having enough energy to spend meaningful time with you*; I feel stretched beyond my means. But come Christmas, I have no more full time work. Come Christmas, it'll be just you, me, and the beach. (And hopefully a few good books along with some gentle afternoon naps!) And I couldn't be looking forward to it more. 

And for now, the weekend is here, which is a great thing too.

Happy weekend, friends. It's forecast to rain here, and we're going to enjoy a quiet one.

PS I just adore hydrangeas!

*Obviously this load is shared with Shane. But even so - it's enormous!


emilyclare said...

Oh what a great load you've been juggling! You can be proud that you got through it, and also because you knew enough was enough for now. Your summer plans sound most healing too. Happy weekend xx

Anonymous said...

It is a massive load, I can't say I look forward to going back to work full time. I do miss some aspects but definitely not the stress of juggling!
Hope your wonderful Christmas arrives soon and is a lovely long one.

Jane S said...

Your flowers are beautiful Kellie, and your Christmas sounds wonderful :)

mel @ loved handmade said...

I don't know how you do it, amazing! Juggling work and children and home is exhausting. I'm working from home and even then some days are just beyond me. Well done to you, Christmas is so close!

melania said...

So much to look forward to! Your end of year is sounding wonderful. Xx

Nikki Fisher said...

Oh and you forgot to add to that list that you are growing a whole other human being! Those beach days will be well deserved xx


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