last week in pictures: the coffs edition

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Olive,
You and I spent last week in Coffs. Shane was to come, but he got offered a big job and ended up staying in Sydney to work, instead. It was a bit of a mixed bag, our week. You got sick, which made me extremely tired. Then you got out-of-control-and-out-of-character crazy which made me extremely stressed. You were having these huge, on the floor screaming reactions, over seemingly nothing, and it made me question my parenting, all over again. All in all, it felt like a bloody long week. But there were lovely moments in there, too. (And I'm relieved to say, your behaviour has returned to normal since we've gotten home.)
1. I can pretty much rely on you to be asleep before we've even completed take off.
2. Dads garden grows pretty wild these days, but there's lots of loveliness in there too.
3. When I was younger, on a new years eve afternoon, I tore across this bridge and got an enormous splinter in my foot! I ran, crashing through the bush to where my parents were meditating to their friend playing the flute. No one could pull it out, so I had to wait while we packed up our picnic, drove back to Coffs, and it was cut out at the doctors.
4. Exploring the rocks and looking for tadpoles with Papa.
5. SUCH incredible beauty in the Australian bushscape.
6. You are so, so, so into animals. Seen here holding a caterpillar at the butterfly house.
7. And here, a butterfly.
8. Curly haired cousins.

Joining in with Ems weekly stills collection.


Unknown said...

What an adventure you have captured with your stills. Simply beautiful. xx

Nell said...

Love her little hand on her hip in the caterpillar picture :) And all the curly hair xx

Alex Sunday said...

whenever Coco's dad is busy with work we get an increase in those sorts of tantrums and/or crazy behaviour. they're so close and she really doesn't cope well with him working long hours (or night shift). but someone's got to make wine for the rest of us, right?! xo

heidi said...

away from home sickness & tantrums are completely draining-- I'm glad you survived them....loads of love, Heidi

Kezia-Eloise said...

What sort of camera do you use? The quality is amazing.


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