Monday, May 5, 2014

Dear Olive,
Olive: whilst you adore your little brother and hold him several times a day, this face was because I said you could watch Bondi Vet that night on tv.
Clancy: the cuddliest little koala (and also the best dressed boy on the block in his Sapling Child outfit! Thank you Peta xx).

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Anonymous said...

So cute!

Michelle said...

The expression on Olive's face is just priceless! And I love Clancy's loveheart bottom!!

Nell said...

Olive, you're the best! And Clancy, you're so sweet xx

Nikki Fisher said...

Just too cute! Some of my favorite memories and photos from when my second babe, Sol, was born are of he and his big brother meeting for the first time and those early days of getting to know each other. Four years later I still marvel at their friendship as it takes shape, strengthens and grows. xx

abigailemily said...

Love her expression so much! So very sweet that she loves to hold her brother!

Andrea | no frills mum said...

I smile like that over the Bondi Vet too Olive ;-)
Clancy you look so snug on your mama's shoulder, love the outfit too little man! x

ejorpin said...

This made me guffaw out loud (I think I scared the tradies in the backyard...). Love it! x

(ps. what is this Bondi Vet? It sounds like my kind of show...)


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