a month of clancy

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dear Olive, 
Clancy turned one month old on the weekend. But honestly it feels as though he's belonged to us forever. I must admit, never in my wildest dreams did I envisage I'd be the mother of a son, but now that he's here, I couldn't possibly imagine how he'd be anyone else. And while some days do feel a bit like some kind of horror newborn groundhog day (a never ending cycle of crying/feeding/vomiting/changing/crying/rocking/catnapping, all while attempting to find reserves to stay calm and play vets/get thrashed at memory/build some wild fantasy lego construction for you), I can't quite believe how quickly we've settled into our new life as four (and in particular my new life as a stay at home Mum of two). I worked out early on that getting us out of the flat - ideally with friends - is the best thing for us all. Clancy happily sleeps for an hour or two in the sling or the pram, you get to release some energy (away from my side! What a relief!), and I get to bore a poor friend with a blow by blow account of Clancys sleepings and wakings and feedings of the previous day and night. 
Actually, even the harder times are really not as bad as they sound. Because it's all so filled with love. We are just exploding with love for our boy! You can't stop kissing him**, from the moment you wake up each day - and neither can Shane or I. And the amazing beauty of the second child, is the wonderful inner calmness within me; the absolute certain knowledge that it will all pass so soon*.

*Sometimes it just feels like an eternity at the time: the days are long, but the years short and all that.
**You've started carrying him around. He's always in a different spot if I leave the room (even though I've asked you not to lift him unless I'm there to help you.) Shit!


Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

He's SO beautiful Kellie! Those first weeks just fly by don't they? I love his little expression in the last photo, too cute :-) Mel x

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Ha ha oh the worry I have about the older two carrying around this third babe! My stress levels will NOT be good. One month has flown by! He is a handsome little man xx

jody said...

Happy one month Clancy! x

Alex Sunday said...

oh yes, the power of the second born. i think the second child makes you a family. or maybe what i mean is, the second makes your older one really understand what a family is (i hope you know what i mean - i'm sleep deprived!!) xo

Leanne said...

Clancy looks very serious! When Olly was a baby, I'd only have to turn my back and Alf had taken him upstairs to his room. I caught him once trying to lift him up onto the top of his bunk beds. I still shudder thinking about it!
It does pass so quickly. It's just a very intense sleep deprived time.
Leanne xx

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just blinked and my third one is turning 2 in a few days - crazy! That is an awesome onesie by the way - love it! Flick x


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