Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dear Olive,
Oh Melbourne, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. There's Smith and Daughters, Collingwood childrens farm, the NGV, the trams, my unreal friends there (who I miss!), Shane's family (wow, do they know how to cook a curry!), all the cafes, all the shopping, and all the food. The food! Even the weather was warm and sunny (it was basically exactly like Sydney). We rented a cute little apartment* in Fitzroy through airbnb, and it was non stop action for five days. And a super time was had by all.
(Clancy was sitting pretty in his new iBelieve pram - at times, so were you! We're loving having such an unreal pram to push around, amazingly it goes from stroller to bassinet in just a few clicks, so it's perfect for travelling with a young baby.)
*you've been bugging me for MONTHS to be allowed to try a donut ... imagine your delight when you discovered a bowl of them left for us by our host. Imagine my delight when, after a few bites, you declared it too sweet and horrible!


Anonymous said...

Eve is a bit enamoured with Olive and Clancy!
She saw the photo of Olive and said, she has something that will make her tummy ANGRY! It seems my food training is working even for what other people are eating!

ashley said...

hello yellow! and yes getting away is always good for everyone's souls. x

Joanna said...

Hello you guys in Melbourne!!
Looks like an awesome time. And how good is airbnb? We have our old apartment in Northcote up so if you're interested next time you're in Melbs... let me know, I'll give you a discount!! Though that one you're staying in looks great.

Unknown said...

Love these photo's Kellie xx

Unknown said...

Love these photo's Kellie xx


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