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Friday, November 7, 2014

Dear Olive,
You had your first transition to kindergarten day this week. The night before, you told me how nervous you were feeling about it and had a little cry that I couldn't come with you. I told you I was nervous too, and wished I could be there as well! But that I was excited for you, too. (And, really, how wonderful it is that you can express your feelings to me like that now.)
In the morning, I made sure we got ready in plenty of time and the walk to school was relaxing and enjoyable and we bumped into your one friend you know going to your school along the way. I just couldn't tell how you were going to handle it, and after standing around for ages, you just said 'bye Mum' and with a quick wave and no expression on your face, my tiny little girl was swept off in a sea of parents and children. I couldn't even see you walk into the building through the crowd; I just stood there weeping like an idiot. Except, all the parents were weeping, so that part was ok. Three hours later, you came pelting up from the playground, excitedly yelling MumMumMumMum and I knew immediately that you're going to do just fine at this whole school thing. (When you told me that you put your hand up during the teachers discussion about differences to mention that if we were all the same, we wouldn't be able to tell anyone apart, I wondered why I was even worried in the first place?)
I loved school, mostly the social aspect of it, but I am well aware that the type of learning environment offered in a state school in new south wales will not suit everyone. But I'm hoping we can make the most of it. And now we're both looking forward to it all getting started next January.

- This is one of the best TedEx talks I've seen Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity. (He's got a heap of Ted talks which I'm planning on getting through - as much for his hilarious delivery as his ideas.)
12 things you were not taught in school about creativity.
- And - how unbelievably organised of me - I've started a "school lunches" folder where I'm saving lunchbox ideas. In there so far is this fruit whip, this article and how good do these look.


Nell said...

Kellie, I'm so pleased she loved it. And you too. I will be weeping at the gates when it's Phiney's turn to star, for sure! I loved school so much (the learning part - I was/am a serious geek!) and Josephine has already started asking when can go! Beautiful pictures too xxx

Anonymous said...

So wonderful that she loved it and she'll be fine with you supplementing her education with guidance at home.

Nikki Fisher said...

Welcome to the school mum club Kellie. While you were weeping about Olive starting kindergarten I had tears stinging in my eyes as Sol our youngest joined the throng of Prep kids and loved every moment of it at his transition day. It is a special time, a little bittersweet but wonderful none the less. Enjoy xx oh and I agree with Lila x


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