school holidays

Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Olive,
The school holidays are on, and boy are they lovely! I knew you'd love the change in routine, but I wasn't expecting to be completely taken over by that holiday feeling myself - that was a lovely surprise. The school hours aren't at all hard when there's no work to negotiate, but it's so refreshing not to have to be anywhere in the morning. We've kept it super low key - I'm so conscious that what you need is anti-regimen. And all that time away at school has given you renewed enthusiasm for playing in your room with the door closed - so called "secret games", often only coming out if you hear me and remember you need to ask for more food. 

- lego is everywhere
- I'm frisbeeing out the snack plates like nobodies business (I can't stop pondering: what is it about holidays that makes you so insatiably hungry?)
- easiest healthy-ish comfort food lunch if you have leftover rice (we usually soak ours overnight and then cook it in broth) - fry onion, garlic, sausage, corn, plus any green veggies or a few herbs from the garden, and toss through olive oil and a pinch of salt (can you tell on this day we had no green veggies?!)
- you and I, in the ladies
- you and C have played so much, you read him books and he pulls your hair: it's definitely love


Unknown said...

With two little ones at similar ages, this post resonated intensely with me. Funny how the little glimpses of someone else's life makes you realise we are all connected in our day-to-day experiences :) Love your ideas on food. As a non-liker of eggs (but ardently wish I did) I need to know your secret of a perfectly boiled egg!

Rin said...

Oh man! I haven't popped in for ages.
Olive is so big and her hair is so long. This will be us next year!
Sounds like splendid holiday time. xx

Unknown said...

Low key holidays are the best idea with little ones, it's so important to get away from the routine of school.


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