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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dear Olive,
Shane had a week off in between jobs last week. So in between a day of work for me and a show at the Opera House*, we squeezed in a few days away at the blue mountains. It was unbelievably refreshing to change our everyday routine, even just for a few days**. (And so important to do, I think.) We rented a house which sat right on the escarpment in Leura, and we did a little bush exploring and sight seeing, but mostly we just hung out and soaked up the incredible view. The sense of space - both inside the house, which was enormous, and outside, with the view extending to endless mountains - was so calming. (Actually, it gave me an insight into what life could be like if we lived in a big place with lots of space - at the moment, we get out of the house to take Clancy to the park in the morning, race him home for a sleep, and then bust out to give him another run after he wakes up in the afternoon. It's designed to wear him out, and frankly it's exhausting for us all!)

Last night you recounted to my friend (having heard it from your friends brother, no less) the dreamtime story of the three sisters; I'd never heard it before and the way you told it was so poignant. What a shame if it was made up - read about it here.

* TV on the Radio, in the concert hall of the opera house; truly, truly amazing.
** Although sadly, it feels as though we've stepped right back in to the same old shit once we got home.


Jane S said...

Gorgeous moments captured Kellie, love that house! x

Gaby said...

oh my goodness that house looks amazing! did you find it on airbnb? x

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! Such a shame that stepping back into home wasn't as relaxing!

Maria Snell said...

Oh these are stunning Kellie. I love to get out of everyday routines and now with Matilda I feel like it is even more nicer to escape that.
Also, I love TV on the Radio and can only imagine that it would have been an amazing concert. We are sad we missed Sufjan Stevens concerts at the Opera House.... x

Nell said...

Wow, it looks so amazing! We need a trip away... xx

Unknown said...

The blue mountains are so beautiful especially this time of the year. You have captured many lovely moments.

Catherine said...

This looks so lovely! And I am very envious of your gig. Did you plan your tas trip? We hadn't planned on going to Sydney this year but I chatted to Matt and, depending on timing, we would be up for a house swap. Email me if you are still thinking about it or needing a place to stay in Hobart. xx


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