Friday, July 24, 2015

Dear Olive,
Goodness me this boy of ours is trouble. I don't know if it's a boy/girl thing, or just an individual kid thing, but he is so very different to you at the same age. He's physical and energetic (and so were you, but this is next level, and served with a side of aggressive destruction). He yells and hits and screams the house down at a simple nappy change, and then in the same breath smothers us with kisses and cuddles. Sometimes we can't physically get him in the car seat, so we just have to just wait it out, until he's decided he's ready. Same goes for the pram, and the sling. And sometimes shoes. He's obsessed with balls and he'll throw anything that's not tied down, anywhere in the house. Down the toilet, out the window, into the bin, at kids in the park. We're all hit in the head daily with balls/books/shampoo bottles. A few nights ago he started a fire in our kitchen when he threw something up onto the stove top. I was in the bedroom reading you a book and he came in and asked me to help him with his specialised language made up of grunting and nods. (Possibly not alerting me to the fire, but because he wanted his toy back.)  He is e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g. and by the end of each day I'm weary and battered. 
But, you know what, it's ok. It won't be like this forever. And because this grand, grand love he's brought into our lives makes all our hearts sing.


{call me satch} said...

I have two boys, I'm too tired to write anything more 😉

Ping said...

Sounds like my kid!

At that age we bought a lot of ping-pong balls to redirect him from less-appropriate throwing (like the Tonka truck he threw at the cat!). My love affair with beautiful wooden toys soured after enough of them were smashed to pieces.

Iliska Dreams said...

I am 47 in September and my bones know the next level that is having a boy. I have my son Jarvis (four in December), and then I have my grandson Chester three days a week (one in October). Exhaustion is at a new level. I have a jumper. Jarvis climbs up on everything and anything and jumps/ With no fear with who will catch him or what he will land on. So far two ambulance rides and one surgery. My fear is what is going to happen when Chester become more mobile.
People ask if I go to the gym. Phfted, I laugh in their faces and say I have a son.

Sarah said...

My two year old is wonderful. Clever, funny, affectionate. He sleeps well and naps each afternoon. But he's very tiring. Working from home and being with him full time is virtually impossible but he'll start preschool soon.
Although I'll appreciate the break, it'll be the end of his babyhood and I'll feel sad about that. And despite being worn out, I do love having a boy...


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