the leek, papa, the leek!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dear Olive,
At my Dads a few weeks back, we had somewhat of a smelly water emergency when a pipe overflowed. I yelled out for you to get Dad to help me - mopping up a flood of stinky water ain't easy with an inquisitive toddler! But Dad was in his room and couldn't hear you, so (unbeknown to me) you raced off, put pen to paper, and slipped a note under his door that read "the leek, Papa, the leek!". Oh, how we laughed.
We've arrived at the wonderful world of notes. I'm ever so pleased to be here.

A selection of your paperwork from the past couple of months below, although I'm absolutely cursing that I can't find the one about how horrible Shane and I are, & said that you were just crying & crying! (Complete with a picture of you in jail while the rest of us went to a fair!)


Nell said...

Amazing!! What treasures to keep xxx

Alex Sunday said...

What a lovely story! We're not up to writing words yet, but today Coco drew a picture of her and frankie thinking about rainbows. :)

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh what a sweetheart! I love the ingenuity

All things Scrumptious said...

'The leek, papa, the leek'....oh Olive, what a little champion!
I cant wait to follow/see her imagination flourish with pen to paper...with you guys for parents it's only going to be a magical journey of creative freedom and expression - with a hint of crazy weird and i dont think i need to spell out where that bit comes from!! xx


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