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Friday, August 28, 2015

Dear Olive,
In a move one could only describe as unbridled procrastination, I thought I would do a weekly post on what I've been reading and finding around the interweb. You know, with all that spare time of mine. Even if it's simply a place for me to store links so I can come back and read later. (And who knows, this may well be the one and only installment!)

One of my new parent friends at O's school teaches adults how to be more creative - isn't this school a fantastic idea?

I teared up reading this.

Think the appendix is just a useless little tail? Think again (this award winning movie was made by my supremely brilliant friends daughter).

I'd love to visit here (a family theme park, unsuitable for children).

A proposed link between maternal Vit A deficiency and asthma  "more generally, our findings highlight a point often overlooked in adult medicine, which is that adverse foetal exposure that cause subtle changes in developing organs can have lifelong consequences".

And while of course I don't need it - and I certainly can't afford it - I'd really like it. (I'll take the top while I'm at it, too.)

I had to look this up for this post. Honestly I would have sworn the double ll was the English version?



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