Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dear Olive,
My birthday came and went in September without much of a fuss. I suppose I'm saving up all my celebrating for next year. But I did get the most marvellous card from you. "Just look at our beautiful old lovely 39 girl. Happy birthday to you."
(As an aside, a few days ago - & for your upcoming big day - we taught Clancy how to sing happy birthday. He's obviously got it stuck in his head because he's been quietly singing it in the most delightful sing-song voice for past three days non stop.)


Smykolandia said...

Happy Birhday:-) Many beauty years:-)

Smykolandia said...

Happy Birhday:-) Many beauty years:-)

Alex Sunday said...

happy birthday, kellie (or 'kelpie', as my autocorrect just tried to call you. woof!)
i celebrated my 40th in august. by celebrated, i mean i lay in bed with influenza A, surrounded by my sick children. the icing on the cake (despite there being no actual cake, or presents for that matter) was having my lips swell to an alarming size by some apparent allergic reaction to something that we couldn't pin point. i spent a lot of that night on the phone to the health line to make sure i wasn't going into anaphylactic shock. not one person i spoke to wished me happy birthday, despite me being constantly asked for my date of birth.


:D xo

Nell said...

Such a brilliant card! And Coralie's favourite song is Happy Birthday too xx

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Happy belated birthday to you. What a beautiful card. xx


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