Project: Birthday Party

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Olive,

I can barely believe it but it in less than three months you are going to turn 1. 1 year old! How did this happen? To honour this enormously important milestone we're planning a little afternoon of fun in the form of a garden party in the park (weather permitting *crosses fingers*). I've started to turn my mind to some decorating ideas.

Ok ... the cake. My goodness the possibilities are endless. A cat? A bear? My mum used to create THE most incredible cakes for my brother and sister and I. One of my favourites was my brothers Ghostbusters cake which had an amazing replica of the ghostbusters logo (sorry no photo!). I actually really love the simplicity of the bold stripes on this one made by a Hayley from little pinwheel (you should check out her little pinwheel shop for some great kids clothes).

It goes without saying there will be bunting aplenty! What birthday party would be complete without it?

Wouldn't some of these fabric pom poms from oncewed look great in bright colours hanging from the trees? (What was I doing looking on a wedding blog? Very good question indeed.)

How fun would it be to set up a photo booth al la the one I found on design sponge.

And just so everyone knows you're the birthday girl, I'd like to make you something a bit more colourful but along the lines of this as a party hat. (Found here.)
Next stop: party bags.


Tonia said...

the womens day birthday cake book was our bible for birthday cakes.i remember flicking through it months before the big day and carefully narrowing it down to the one mum would whip up.


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