The Sleeping Arrangement POST SCRIPT

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Olive,

It was 8:30 at night. There was a knock on the door. It seems our new sleeping arrangements are not as pleasing to everyone as they are to us. It seems our new sleeping arrangements are actually quite displeasing to our neighbour in the flat upstairs with the bedroom above yours. He asked me what was wrong with you and said that he was very tired because he'd been woken up a few times a night for the past week. Yeah? I've been woken up a few times a night for the past NINE MONTHS. He asked me if "junior" could sleep in the sunroom. For anyone who's seen to our apartment, you would know the sunroom is a tiny room off the lounge room. Which has no door. No, "junior" cannot sleep in the sunroom. He said he might have to move. I'm so annoyed - I don't want to feel paranoid that every time you cry you're not only disturbing yourself, Shane and I, but also the guy upstairs with the sensitive ears, to the point that he feels like he has to move house. He was fairly polite about the whole thing but I'm pissed off.

Am I wrong to feel this way?

Anyway, on a more positive note ... Friday is a favourite around here - it's Roxy day when your two and a half year old cousin comes over. She went around with my camera in the back yard, here are a few of her snaps.

This one was taken by me but just wanted to show you how cute she is!


Mel said...

It's true Roxy IS gorgeous!

LM_Toone said...

Oh my god kel, your neighbour sounds like a right C*NT! Isn't there a tacit understanding that when one moves into an apartment, one must expect a certain amount of noise?! How dare he suggest to you where your baby should sleep!
ps. on a lighter note, very very gorgeous pic of roxy!

Anika said...

What a good-looking cousin Olive has!! Also, she seems to have quite a talent for photography, I am impressed. As for your neighbour, goodness knows what he thought he might accomplish. Maybe next time you and Olive go to Coffs, Jimi can take around his enormous amps and him and Shane can have a jam and show him how a baby crying every now and then is really not THAT annoying, in the scheme of things!! xx


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