The Sleeping Arrangement

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Olive,

We've tried a variety of sleeping arrangements over the past 9 months .. you in the cot in our room, you in the bed with Shane and I, and you and I in the bed and Shane on the lounge (Shane's least favourite!). We love sleeping with you. Love. It. But we started to wonder if we were disturbing you. You were certainly disturbing us, you've been waking up every hour or two for months. MONTHS. It's been absolutely, positively exhausting and at times I felt like I was drowning in my sleeplessness. It overwhelmed everything at times. Plus frankly, I'd begun to tire of having to sleep in awkward positions so as not to smother you as you feed through the night. (The entire night!). So, with trepidation, we moved you into your own room on Saturday. Shane and I discussed what we would do after you woke up the first time and we both decided we would try to put you back in your cot but if it was too much of a struggle, you would simply sleep with us. Indefinitely. The time came and I was up feeding you for the first time. I meditated on preparing myself for a bit of crying/all out warfare. I put you back down, walked away. Waited. Nothing. Held my breath. Nothing. Waited. NOTHING. What? I couldn't sleep for a long time, thinking as soon as I did you'd start crying. But you didn't. The time came around again and I was up feeding you. Again, pep talk to remain calm in the face of possible war. I fed you, put you back down. Walked away. Nothing. Waited. Nothing. Held my breath. Again - nothing. I couldn't believe it. And I am amazed to be able to say you have continued to happily sleep the entire week so far in your own cot in your own room (still waking up 2-3 times per night - but hey, a win's a win right). I've even heard you self settle a few times. This is a revolution. Well done you! 

It's a work in progress, but we're having a lot of fun setting up your room.

My lovely friend Lisa gave me this Tara Marynowsky print at my baby shower which I love love love. See more of Tara's amazing work here.

Your owl watches over you at night.

The best thing about this whole moving rooms? I can read in bed again. Yay!


zigsma said...

Oh lordy! Where did you get the owl night light? Loved this post - I'm living the bit before the baby self-settles in own room bit. We'll get there. I love your blog by the way - I spose you've noticed - judging by the number of comments. Lucky Olive!

dear olive said...

Shane brought that lovely little owl lamp home off a job he was working on. But I've seen them in Sydney in a shop called Orson & Blake xx

zigsma said...

Thanks - I've since seen similar at Larkmade. Scotty dogs, rabbits... Very cool.

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Kellie, I'm reading back over your old posts and I'm loving. It is like a wonderful novel that I can't put down. I do wish you had a blog post list on your side bar though!! ha ha, also, can I ask what camera you are using these days? x


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